August 31, 2011

Donald Duck Family Tree

How many members of Donald Duck's family do you think you know? Check out this comprehensive Duck Family Tree by the ultimate Donald Duck expert Don Rosa:

The complete Donald Duck Family Tree, by Don Rosa
See it bigger here

Swashbuckler Pintail Duck is the oldest
member of the Duck Family Tree.

Elvira "Grandma Duck" Coot (b. 1855) is Donald Duck's
grandmother, as well as the family matriarch

For complete details on Donald's family and all related Duck characters, check out The D.U.C.Kman (Don Rosa)'s listing of Who's Who in Duckberg

To wrap up our Donald Duck feature, here is Donald's 1934 world debut in Walt Disney's Silly Symphony called The Wise Little Hen:

August 30, 2011

Goofy - The Tennis Racquet - 1949

In honor of the US Open 2011, I share Goofy in his 1949 short "The Tennis Racquet". If only tennis were this entertaining in real life...

Goin' to Disneyland!

August 29, 2011

OK Go + Muppets = Thumbs Up

Can't go wrong with this pairing! OK Go for their music video genius and the Muppets because...they are never not awesome.

Countdown: Top 10 Best Disney World Music

Disney World is all about sensory overload. You experience Disney with all five senses (and then some), and music is a huge part of the experience.  As a musician myself, I appreciate a good soundtrack and score just as a foodie would appreciate a gourmet meal.   Here are my top 10 picks for WDW attractions (incl. shows etc) with the best music:

10. Splash Mountain
9. La Nouba
8. Festival of the Lion King

Who's Dumbo?

August 23, 2011

Earthquakes and Hurricanes...oh my!

I just had a (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime experience...and it didn't include any Pixie Dust. I was on the 33rd floor of a high rise (and high terror threat) building in midtown Manhattan when we felt the 5.8 earthquake from Virginia

The floor literally did the wave - potted plants almost fell over!  Panic ensued pretty quickly in my office and I got the H - E double hockey sticks out of there as quick as I could.

Anyway, returning to work after that was optional, and since I'm rarely (*ahem... never) willing to die for a corporate cube job, I went home.  Now I am happily home, in my safe low-rise prewar Manhattan apartment, sipping wine and writin' mah blog with ze kitties.

On my walk to my apartment, I decided this would be an appropriate time to comment on the natural disasters hitting the East Coast - Hurricane Irene and Earthquake 2011.
Hurricane Irene hammering Puerto Rico
Obviously we couldn't see the earthquake coming in order to prepare for it, but Florida and Disney often have many days to brace for a major hurricane (according to the most recent updates it looks that Irene will bypass Florida to the East but hit S Carolina).

So how does Disney World prepare for and protect itself against major hurricanes? Thank you to Themeparkinsider:

Bambi's Mama...?

August 19, 2011

Top 7 Creepiest Disney World Attractions

It's not Halloween yet, but it is in Disney World! Therefore, here are my top 7 Creepiest Attractions at Walt Disney World.

    #1. Country Bear Jamboree: OK the lyrics include "Don't whip little Buford, shoot him instead" and "Blood on the saddle, Blood all around".  I'm not even going into the alcoholism and WHAT those little bears were talking about, not being able to get a date and how they deal with it. Combined with the animation and the setting and their creepy faces, my guess is they're also meant to be inbred...CREEPS ME OUT! If you need a reminder, please watch:
    #2. It's A Small World: DUH. This one was #1 until I saw the Country Bears again on my last trip. They take the cake. SW Dolls are always freaky, though!
They don't look all that happy to be there, really.

August 18, 2011

DW Turkey Legs

The Turkey Legs at Disney World make hilarious props and photo opportunities, I get one every single trip. You simply can't eat one without looking like a caveman, it really amuses me. For less than $10 they’re worth it for those fun few minutes, but please don’t take more than a couple real bites!  Just because it’s turkey doesn’t mean it’s healthy!

Each leg weighs in at 1.5 pounds, and each contain over 4000 mg of sodium, 1100 calories and 50 grams of fat. FYI, that is twice your days worth of sodium, over half your daily recommended caloric intake, and a full day’s worth of your recommended fat intake.

The legs are smoked, which is a slow process that results in a ham-like flavor (because ham is smoked meat we associate the flavor), which does not burn the fat off like the turkeys we roast in the oven for Thanksgiving. Also they’re nearly all dark meat (with the skin on), which of course is much more oily and fatty than white meat.

Turkey Leg Nomnomnom
By the time you’re finished eating (or playing with) your turkey leg, your hands will be covered in grease, so baby wipes or a stop to a restroom is necessary.  

People justify their Turkey Leg meal by claiming 'everyone gains weight while on vacation'... personally, I have never left Disney World anything but at least 5 pounds slimmer! All that running, walking, adrenaline and laughing really burns the calories like nothing else. 

...Of course for those that indulge in those Turkey Legs a little too often, there are always the motorized scooters you can rent. ;-)

August 12, 2011


For all who come to this happy place: Welcome!

This is not a traditional Disney World blog - we do not take ourselves too seriously. How else can you convert ‘Disney Cynics’ of the world, except with some humor?!

We will have tips, stories, DW trivia, photos and videos (with a particular affinity for funny cat pics and videos!)

That being said, what better way to welcome our new friends than with a mediocre Haiku:

WFM Haiku of Welcome:
Grownups love Disney
We do too, so welcome to
The Wayfaring Mouse!