August 19, 2011

Top 7 Creepiest Disney World Attractions

It's not Halloween yet, but it is in Disney World! Therefore, here are my top 7 Creepiest Attractions at Walt Disney World.

    #1. Country Bear Jamboree: OK the lyrics include "Don't whip little Buford, shoot him instead" and "Blood on the saddle, Blood all around".  I'm not even going into the alcoholism and WHAT those little bears were talking about, not being able to get a date and how they deal with it. Combined with the animation and the setting and their creepy faces, my guess is they're also meant to be inbred...CREEPS ME OUT! If you need a reminder, please watch:
    #2. It's A Small World: DUH. This one was #1 until I saw the Country Bears again on my last trip. They take the cake. SW Dolls are always freaky, though!
They don't look all that happy to be there, really.

    #3. Tower of Terror: This one Disney actually meant to be creepy. The decorations in the lobby are so intricate and the storyline/ theming is just perfect. I love the dark room with the television, and these ghosts as you're heading toward your big first fall.
    Byebye family!
      #4. Haunted Mansion: The woman's head in a floating ball = creeptastic. Also that for some reason the ride stops nearly every time I'm on it, leaving you alone in the dark!! You really start to believe it's a haunted house after not too long. 
    Fun Tip: If  you want to get to your Doom Buggy quicker,
    stand under this painting - the doors open under the girl with the parasol!
      #5. Hall of Presidents: The audioanimatronics are getting almost too real! Creepy Obama (skip to 0:59)
      #6. Frontierland Shooting Arcade: I don't get why this is in Disney World! I know it's Frontierland and everything, but guns and shooting things? Here? Odd to the point of creepy, I say. I never go near it.
    Who wants to go to Disney World and shoot some stuff! Uh, not me.
      #7. Maelstrom: Vikings and that Troll! Hello?!? Yep. Creepy.
    Rawr! 3 Headed Norway Troll!
    Others that would have made the list, were they still running in the park: The Trumpet Men in Spectromagic (which is no longer showing in the MK - I was so disappointed I couldn't see it on my last trip I almost cried!) 

    We're just trumpeters tootaloot...who look like the V for Vendetta guy

    ...and of course Snow White's Scary Adventures!


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