August 18, 2011

DW Turkey Legs

The Turkey Legs at Disney World make hilarious props and photo opportunities, I get one every single trip. You simply can't eat one without looking like a caveman, it really amuses me. For less than $10 they’re worth it for those fun few minutes, but please don’t take more than a couple real bites!  Just because it’s turkey doesn’t mean it’s healthy!

Each leg weighs in at 1.5 pounds, and each contain over 4000 mg of sodium, 1100 calories and 50 grams of fat. FYI, that is twice your days worth of sodium, over half your daily recommended caloric intake, and a full day’s worth of your recommended fat intake.

The legs are smoked, which is a slow process that results in a ham-like flavor (because ham is smoked meat we associate the flavor), which does not burn the fat off like the turkeys we roast in the oven for Thanksgiving. Also they’re nearly all dark meat (with the skin on), which of course is much more oily and fatty than white meat.

Turkey Leg Nomnomnom
By the time you’re finished eating (or playing with) your turkey leg, your hands will be covered in grease, so baby wipes or a stop to a restroom is necessary.  

People justify their Turkey Leg meal by claiming 'everyone gains weight while on vacation'... personally, I have never left Disney World anything but at least 5 pounds slimmer! All that running, walking, adrenaline and laughing really burns the calories like nothing else. 

...Of course for those that indulge in those Turkey Legs a little too often, there are always the motorized scooters you can rent. ;-)

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