November 16, 2011

WDW Trip Part Three: Park Passes

Note: this post ("WDW Trip") has Four Parts:
WDW Park Passes:

My Park Pass Story: On my last trip in July with my boyfriend (he was a WDW newbie, I was/am a WDW lover), we ran into a major snafu. Before our last day in the parks, I lost my Park Pass!! Such a dufus!! We called the hotel and they sent their security manager right up to our room to check for it for us, and to make sure housekeeping didn't accidentally throw it out (we thought maybe we'd dropped it in the trash along with various receipts etc).

LUCKILY – I planned ahead for this type of would-be disaster. We took photos of the back sides of both of our Park Passes with my boyfriend’s iPhone as soon as those passes were in our grubby paws the very first day. The high-res photo and the ability to zoom in made it super easy for the very nice people at the Dolphin’s WDW courtesy desk to get me a new pass in just minutes.  Crisis averted!

A few years ago my Mom and I bought ourselves each 10 Day No Expiration Park Hopper Since my Mom and I go to WDW once every 2 years for about 2-3 total in-the-park days, this has given us 4 trips so far of not having to worry about buying new passes. We only use this pass for our trips, just the two of us. I’ve gone a few other times with other people (as above) but did not use the pass. This will be our last trip on this pass (sad face). It’s been very worth the initial expense of $500+!

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party:  We will be attending the MVMCP on Wednesday, November 30 and the ticket is $56 per person. It’s been about 6 years since we’ve been to the Christmas Party, so we have to go see it snow on Main Street USA again!

MVMCP Cost:  $56 x 2 = $112

Universal Orlando Park Passes:

We are visiting Universal Orlando (2 parks - Islands of Adventure & Universal Studios) on Thursday, December 1 and I found a great combo deal here for 1-Day 2-Park passes plus transportation to/from any Disney Resort, for $132 per person. 

Also since we are planning on seeing both parks (I’ve never been) in just one day, we’ll get the Express Passes too. Those are $25 per person, and send you right to the front of the line on almost all the rides.

Universal Orlando Cost:
Park passes + Transportation: $132 x 2 = $264
Express Passes: $24 x 2 = $28
Total: $264 + $28 = $528

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