November 21, 2011

Mickey (and I) find a kitten: "Lend a Paw" [1941]

My boyfriend and I were home last night in our NYC apartment when we heard a kitty screaming sound out the window. We look across the way and to our surprise see a baby black kitten trapped on the ledge,  outside the 6th floor apartment directly across from us. The girl in the apartment hollered out the window that she was too afraid to catch it (the kitty found prob the only 20-something girl in NYC that is literally afraid of kittens), so my boyfriend went over and he got it from outside her window.

Things were going great, it was very affectionate and cuddly, until one of our current cats (Felix - who we thought liked the kitten, kitten looooved him!) got annoyed that it was following him around and swatted at his head (no claws).

Baby kitty's been hiding in a corner since then, crying and whenever we go near it hissing and scratching. So sad. Hopefully it's calmed down by the time we get home this evening.  We feel awful that Felix hurt its feelings so badly. Not sure what we're going to do if it doesn't calm down.

Anyway, here is how Mickey handles it when he finds a stray kitten. Similar situation with lovey-dovey kitten and Pluto/Felix rejecting it.

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