June 24, 2014

My Favorite WDW YouTube Channel : "See Ya Reel Soon"

I love this Youtube channel, called "See Ya Reel Soon". It is a series of vlogs from WDW (mostly) by Ashley and Joe, and they are so wonderful.

They are such a happy and sweet couple, I love being a small part of their WDW vacations! They include lots of great footage from around the parks and resorts at all different times of the year, including holidays.

Check out this one to see what I mean. After watching this video (a couple times), I liked the song so much I even bought it on iTunes (you buy it here: Katie Sky "Sweet, Sweet, Melody")

Their most recent video, below, is definitely my favorite so far. Check it out, especially the 7:30 mark...!!

I hope I get to run into Ashley and Joe someday at the parks!

If you want to follow them on Facebook you can follow them HERE.

They are also on Twitter!

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