December 21, 2011

Justin Beiber on Disney Christmas Special

Bieber's Christmas performance taping at WDW
I was at Disney World the day that Justin Bieber was taping his performance for the Disney Christmas Parade tv show (Sat, Dec 3).  I was NOT in the crowd or anywhere within a radius of the Magic Kingdom that morning of course. We purposefully slept in that morning and headed to the furthest reaches of Animal Kingdom so to escape the  Bieber-mania that was going on anywhere closer to the castle.

We did watch Jennifer Hudson's performance the day before, and that was fun. I took video of her performance and had a nice couple hours being a part of the crowd. The camera was right in our faces at one point, so maybe I'll be on tv on Christmas morning. That would be pretty cool!
J Hud - Gorgeous dress she had that day!
Anyway, back to Bieber. Not to be confused with Justin Beaver. Thank you, Wikipedia, for pointing out the difference, but nobody under the age of 40 is going to make that mistake.

I'm not a 14 year old kid and therefore not a Justin Bieber fan, but anybody would admit that he is adorable in a very non-statutory rape type way. With all of the teen idols of the past, you have to wonder what might happen to this cutie patootie in a few years, or even just a few months when his voice changes entirely!

Bieb and Goofy straight chillin' (2011)

This is apparently his favorite pose when hanging with a Disney character.

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